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WEDNESDAY, September 19, 2012
7:00 PM
The 8th Potentially Anal
“Talk, Dress, Act & Smell Like a Pirate” Hash

Brought to you by yer wiley biley Hares,
y BestBlow Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum
y Little Boy Blue Beard Balls
y The Una Wencher

The Location fer parkin’ yer land yacht, Departin’ and the On-After:
724 Madison Avenue, between 7th & 8th
Covington, KY  

RRRRRRR ya’s ready for some Pillaging….?

Wake up, ya land-lubbing wankers!  Open up yer one good squinty eye to the sunshine of a new day, matey.  Finish drinking what’s left from last night in yer petri dish of a drinkin’ mug, or d whatever it is you do when you’re first arisin’.

Although Blackbeard hisself would be disapprovin’ of yer showerin’, brushin’ and flossin’, what goes on inside the privacy of your own port hole is yer business.  So, after makin’ yerself look like a pirate, get yer scurvy-riddled body into the transportation mode of your choice, and begin navigatin’ the asphalt seas.

If yer disenbarkin’ from NORTHERLY ports like Daytona Beach, OH  take I-75 South toward downtown Sin City.

Cross’n the brown river that runs to the sea, take the first KY Exit, # 192 for 5th St toward Covington/​ Newport.
y Turn LEFT at the exit, and go about 0.6 miles, then
y Turn RIGHT onto Madison Avenue
y Backstage Café is on LEFT, with parking on street and in Parking Lot behind bar.

If you’se lookin’ fer erections aplenty, go to the Internet for the best in mostly accurate navigatin’.  Enter ye startin’ coordinates and yer destination port: 724 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY.

THINGS to Remember:
Don’t be fergettin’ yer Pirate garb, Pirate stench, Pirate accessories, and above all else, your Pirate-ittude.  And of course, you’ll need $7 worth of Pieces of Eight, yer whistle, skanky seaman Wiley and his skanky wench Wiley, Centurion mug,  
You might be bringin’ additional Pieces of Eight in case Hot Tub Slut has plundered a T-shirt vendor on the high seas and wants to pawn some of his booty off on you in exchange for cheap Slut beer, or more likely, cold hard cash.  There will be grog, $6 pitchers of craptastic Slut beer and a decent offerin’ of better brews too—plus food and a good time had by all at the On-After at Backstage Café at 859-491-2445.